Bury FC: EFL to ‘consult with clubs’ after efforts to readmit Shakers

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The English Soccer League would be to discuss Bury’s future following efforts to reinstate the Shakers next season.
Bury were expelled August.
Bury North MP James Frith has called for the Shakers to reevaluate at the tier for the 2020-21 season.
Greater Manchester Police has said that it is investigating an allegation of fraud.
No arrests are made and inquiries are continuing.
In a declaration, the EFL said the”only present established process” for entrance to League Two is promotion through the National League.
But it added that”in acknowledgement of the extreme nature of the problems” in Bury, the EFL plank had”consented it is appropriate to discuss the situation with penis clubs” and those discussions will occur in the forthcoming weeks.
The statement concluded:”Prior to formal consideration by any league competition of an eventual program from Bury FC to return to league football, clear evidence would be required of the club’s financial viability and its capacity to fulfil its continuing obligations”
At present, program for re-entry to the English league program must be filed.
Mr Frith is intending to put a proposal forward into the EFL, backed by Mayor of Manchester Andy Burnham, by 20 September.
Bury’s expulsion out of League One means only one, instead of two, will go down from League Two and that three nightclubs, instead of four, will soon be relegated from the tier that is third this season.
In response to the joint efforts of fans’ groups, local politicians and authorities, the EFL clarified there is”no precedent for a team to enter the EFL directly through an application for admission or readmission after lack of membership”.
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