Engineering Services

Our team of degreed engineers work very closely with manufacturing production to provide clear and accurate engineering and planning. AMD Tech work hard to develop cost-cutting innovative solutions without compromising quality

Tooling Design

We are aware that tool design is one of the most important processes that enable the realization of the end-product. Our experience in tool design, and presence of knowledgeable staff helps us overcome any challenges posed by the manufacturing industry.

Apart from creating new tooling designs and fixture drafting devices, we are also well-known for our expertise in refining existing tools. We can proudly say that our teams of expert problem-solvers can provide your company with best engineered solutions in the industry. That, coupled with our engineering experience and partnership with the industry’s premier suppliers, helps us deliver manufacturing products that meet international quality standards.

Fixture Design

The manufacturing industry is all about precision. We understand your concerns regarding accuracy, repeatability, and reusability. Some of these concerns directly trace back to crude processes, mediocre fixtures and solutions that are all about re-work. We know that in the manufacturing industry, success lies in the processing technique; when the technique is erroneous, the productivity takes a beating too. In short, when you outsource fixture designs to AMD Tech you can be assured of:

✔ Fixtures that consistently conform to your requirements and exceed your expectations

✔On-time, on-budget delivery of tooling and fixture designs

✔ Reliable suppliers and an efficient internal processes

✔ Inspected and certified manufactured products that are ready-to-use  immediately after delivery


Design and Drafting Services

We offers tooling design & drafting services, as well as fixture design and drafting services. Our services follow an excellent project management process that ensures impeccable results. Our time-tested and proven quality control system ensures that we attain the highest level of customer satisfaction and appreciation. We work closely with our customers to measure, track, and score our process goals periodically. This helps us in reducing the rework and delivering drafting solutions at a quicker pace.

Our Expertise In Design And Drafting Includes:

✔ Validating drawings

✔ Handling large volumes of design change implementations

✔ Guaranteeing the document change control

✔ Construction of detailed drawings from the source data

✔ Detailing and designing for assemblies and parts

✔ Ensuring 99% accuracy in the drawings

✔ Applying GD&T to the designs and drafts

✔ Surface and Solid modeling

✔ Conversion of 2D drawings to 3D model in STEP/IGES

✔ 2D details from 2D Assemblies or vice-versa

✔ Paper designs to 2D or 3D

Reverse Engineering

We help you to get detailed 3D models from physical parts of any product or equipment, so that you can utilize them to improvise design while keeping manufacturability and the development process in mind. The data can be collected by using 3D Laser Scanner, Portable Arm CMM Scanner and others. We can help you create a STEP/IGES model from STL or mesh. We also create featured editable models in NX, Solid Edge, Solid Works, Creo etc from mesh as per your requirements


✔ Point Cloud/Mesh to 3D Model in STEP/IGES

✔ 3D Parametric Solid Modeling

✔ Advanced Surface modeling