Our 3 and 4 Axis capability, combined with experienced programmers utilizing HyperMill software, provide inventive solutions for the most difficult manufacturing challenges. Hypermill helps us achieve efficient high speed machining in order to shorten machining time which in turn allows us to offer more competitive pricing than other machine shops. We also use SolidWorks 3D Solid Modeling Software for the ability to view and manipulate customer files for the purpose of creating accurate 3D printed models. For speed to market we are able to send and receive drawings via e-mail in most formats for quick and accurate quotes and then ultimately, CNC programs or 3D printed models.

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Precision Components and Mechanical Assemblies Capabilites

  • Mechined Assemblies
  • Sheet Metal Parts Assemblies
  • Fabricated Parts Assemblies
  • Weleded Parts Assemblies
  • Acrylic Parts Assemblies
  • Custom Equipment Assemblies
  • Pneumatic Assemblies
  • Precision Mechanical Assemblies
  • Electro-Mechanical Assemblies
  • Mechanical press-fit Parts Assemblies

In addition to fabrication we also offer assembly to support our customer needs. Ranging from large capital equipment, to simple parts with hardware installed. We can fabricate the individual parts, purchasing the off-the-shelf hardware/fastener, and building per the assembly drawing. Our machinists are very experienced at building assemblies ensuring they operate as intended.