Sheet Metal Fabrication

When you come to AMD Tech for precision metal Fabrication, you’re coming to an expert. AMD Tech has specialized in precision metal Fabrication, and our precision design engineers and skilled die technicians rank among the best in the country. We know that the success of a product often depends on the quality of its metal Fabrication, and we strive to provide the power, flexibility, quality, and reliability you need for your manufacturing requirements. AMD Tech Progressive Process™ gives every customer the comfort of knowing that your precision metal Fabrication will be done right every time.

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Metal Fabrication capabilities

Whether you need 10 or 10 million, AMD Tech has the equipment and resources to manufacture precision metal Fabrication to your exact specifications.

  • Size:  Our 5 precision metal Fabrication production presses can produce thicknesses from less than .001” to .250”.
  • Cost:  We pride ourselves on our ability to work within your budget and provide cost-competitive solutions. We can also use our leading-edge approach to help you find cost reduction opportunities in your current products and processes.
  • Complexity:  We specialize in difficult, complex custom metal Fabrication. Challenge us! No matter how complicated your project, our dedicated engineering team will find an innovative solution.
  • Materials:  From aluminum to titanium, we have the right designs for all of your unique material metal Fabrication needs. See our full list of materials.
  • Transfer Programs:  Have you decided to get out of precision metal Fabrication? AMD Tech will provide a price quote for your components and manage the entire process of transferring your tools, materials, and equipment from your facility to ours.

Let our experts help you with your metal Fabrication needs.

We can meet all the requirements for your metal Fabrication

  • Aerospace Metal Fabrication
  • Beryllium Fabrication
  • Close Tolerance Metal Fabrication
  • Complex Metal Fabrication
  • Custom Metal Fabrication
  • Defense Metal Fabrication
  • Difficult Metal Fabrication
  • Electric Vehicle Metal Fabrication
  • Fire Arms Metal Fabrication
  • High Volume Metal Fabrication
  • Intricate Metal Fabrication
  • Long Run Metal Fabrication
  • Low Volume Metal Fabrication
  • Medical Component Metal Fabrication
  • Medical Device Metal Fabrication
  • Metal Fabrication Rapid Fabrication
  • Military Metal Fabrication
  • Miniature Metal Fabrication
  • Precision Metal Fabrication
  • Prototype Metal Fabrication
  • Short Run Metal Fabrication
  • Small Metal Fabrication
  • Solar Power Metal Fabrication
  • Stainless Steel Fabrication
  • Surgical Metal Fabrication

New technology and innovation drive our leading-edge approach. If you’re having trouble meeting certain requirements, give us a call. Are you looking for potential cost reductions on current items? AMD Tech will review your current process and determine if there are any potential cost reduction opportunities.