AMD Tech has the equipment and resources to manufacture a multitude of precision metal/non-metal components to your exact specifications, including the following

Complex CNC Machining

AMD Tech has a wide array of high-precision CNC machining equipment and capabilities to meet your manufacturing needs, enhance product performance and reliability. and reduce cost.

AMD Tech offers the newest, most advanced machines available for manufacturing complex and precision components.

Rapid Prototyping

Our rapid prototyping. search and development and engineering services are the foundation of many successful programs launches, partner with us today.

Our model shop is equipped to meet your requirements for a wide range of prototyping.

Precision Components & Mechanical Assemblies

Offering a diverse range of contract manufacturing services, AMD Tech works with you to assure that your finished product

Having specialized in tight tolerance components, AMD Technologies maintains the highest standards for your precision assembly specifications, including welding, riveting, staking and any other means of fastening.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

We have 5 precision production presses available for your most complex metal stampings requirements. Tooling is designed and built to the most demanding specifications. We are committed to the highest standards of quality and productivity in the industry. Our well trained team of professionals are results oriented with quality as our main focus. Innovative lean processes make us very competitive. From a simple flat pattern part to complete assemblies, our engineering and process control assures reliability.

Engineering Services

Our team of degreed engineers work very closely with manufacturing production to provide clear and accurate engineering and planning. AMD Tech work hard to develop cost-cutting innovative solutions without compromising quality

Product Design Assistance: Our design engineers will assist you and your engineering group with your design requirements. Utilizing SolidWorks and AutoCAD, AMD Tech can effectively communicate with your designers.

Reverse Engineering: We specializes in providing Mechanical and product design service for Reverse Engineering.

Project Management: We manage the entire project, from design to shipping.

Other Services: AMD Technologies also provides a variety of services through our manufacturing alliances, including laser/electron beam welding, laser cutting, plastic injection molding, metal injection molding, casting, and coating and plating services. All components and services are certified to your specifications and accepted through our quality department.